Content Policy

MapBeauty is a local business directory, with websites and users in and around the World. We have always worked to maintain, by Google’s definition, a “family friendly site. As a result we take the quality of our data very seriously.

Our Content guidelines are built in strict compliance with local publishing laws for each of our regional websites, as well as with close reference to Google’s Prohibited Content policies (

MapBeauty does not support the publishing of content that includes but is not limited to:

– Adult services
– Pornography
– Online Liquor sales
– Tobacco and tobacco replacement products and equipment
– Online advertising and sale of Prescription medication
– Defamatory content
– Online Gambling (except in regions where it is legal to advertise)
– Drugs and narcotics
– Guns and prohibited weapons
– Illegal activities (including piracy, academic plagiarism, infringements to Intellectual Property)

– Racist content


To enforce our data policies we have an in-house data moderation system that consists of both automated keyword detection and human review. This backend process is constantly running and filters through all newly added content.

Due to the large volume of data we need to process on a daily basis, there could be a delay between the time a piece of unwanted content is detected and when it is removed. The turnover is currently 2-4 days but we are working to reduce this.

We also have strict rules against publishing content that falls into spam or “bad-neighborhood” categories, such as untested supplements, get-rich-quick schemes, steroids or sexual enhancement products.